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Sage is a Direct–To–Consumer AI-driven Software as a Service Platform exclusively for verified top experts and businesses

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Sage Digital Corp.

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Easily create and manage sponsorships, launch fundarsiers, donations and matching funds and receive payments in minutes. Share your campaigns in social posts, on your web site, and on instagram bio links. Create series, posts, and news about your campaigns to tell the stories and share your impact.

Sage charges a 0% platform fee for all participating COVID-19 donations


Participate in Project Bento

In response to the urgent needs of businesses and employees devastated by the COVID-19, Sage has created Project Bento with Marcus Samuelsson, Derek Evens and other experts and owners as a a new platform for sponsors and donors to quickly get financial support to the people in urgent need, a portal for nominated restaurants to get verified to receive support, and the technology to provide live stories and data on the impact of the project.

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100% of the money donated is given to the participating charities and funds.


Build your Online


See why the top experts and creators are moving to Sage Plus for Experts to launch their online presence, restart/rebuild their business online, manage their new web sites and launch their new campaign offers.

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Sage Plus for Experts


About us.

The founders and early startup team of Sage has been inventing products that have transformed the lives of 100’s of millions of people, including the first app builders on a personal computer at Apple in the 1980’s, creating the first graphical website building product NetObjects Fusion in 1995, creating social networks for groups at Ning, as well as consumer discovery and AI products at Netflix, Airbnb, Google and other companies. 

The initial idea for Sage started in July 2014, following a series of meetings with leading cell phone and map technology companies on using intelligence to re-invent global locations data based on verified, non-fake information. 

Since 2016, the Sage team has built the Sage AI platform that powers the Sage Curated Business Data from verified experts, Sage Cloud Locations Services that provides the premium services and API’s, and the Sage Plus for Experts Builder to help create the next generation direct–to–consumer apps.  

On September 18, 2017, Sage Digital spun out of Woodside Incubator with Samir Arora as the founder with Alison Gassert, Elizabeth Larson, Bonni Evenson, Charlotte Jones and Ernie Cicogna as co-founding members of the Sage Startup team.

Since late 2019, Sage has been creating Sage Plus for Experts by working directly with some of the top experts and businesses to help them create their next online campaigns and brands using Sage. This has led to a close working partnership with the teams over the last few months.

The website and donor payments have been created by Sage Plus as a service for  business owners and employees—100% of all donations are given to the beneficiary charities and employee relief for participating campaigns. Project Bento or Sage Plus has a 0% platform fee for donations—all our work is done as a service to help people in need.


Sage is designed in California and built with great love and care in Silicon Valley, Vancouver, Venice, Tokyo, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chandigarh, New York, London, and occasionally from an island in Thailand

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