Sage Digital Leadership Team

Samir Arora

Founder and CEO

Phil McCluskey

Head of Products

Arfat Allarakha

Head of Engineering

Jessica Koenig

Sage Experts Program Lead

Muoi Tran

Head of Finance & Ops

Sage Plus Experts Launch Deals Partners

Marcus Samuelsson

Celebrity/Chef The Marcus Samuelsson Group

Derek Evans

CEO, The Marcus Samuelsson Group

MSNBC, Spyglass Entertainment

Chris Jacquemin

Partner, Head of Digital Media, WME

Disney/ABC, CBS

Investors / Advisors

Brad Koenig

Former Global Head of Technology Investment Banking, Goldman Sachs

Apex Technology,

Foodie Direct

Andrew Schwabecher

CEO, Japan Computer Vision Corp

CTO/Head of Cloud Business DevelopmentSoftbank

Doug Howland

Deputy Director, Softbank Corp.

MD, JP Morgan

Executive Director, Goldman Sachs

Sage Digital Startup Team

Peter Leeb

Sage: Led Brands, Talent and WME/CAA Relations

Invisible Narratives, Studio71, 20th Century Fox, Chiat/Day

Crystal Ciancutti

Sage: Consumer Apps

Google, Airbnb, Netflix, Apple iTunes Movies

Louis Monier

Sage: AI/ML Architecture, Airbnb AI Lab,


Raj Narayan

Sage: Platform

Ozy, SoapAI

Kousuke Kikuchi

Sage: Machine and International Engineering

Sage Digital Founders

Alison Kennedy

Sage: Brands, Talent, Business Platform

CRO StyleHaul, Glam, Scripps

Elizabeth Thompson


Sage: Experts, Creators, and Social Program

Creators at Maven,

Head of Creators, Mode

Bonni Evensen


Sage: Head of Design

Product Design, 


Charlotte Jones


Sage: Critics, Authors, Creator Programs


Ernie Cicogna


Sage: Finance, Legal, Ops

Mode, NetObjects, IBM

Samir Arora


Sage is proud to have incredible diversity in it's founding team and actively supports black, minority, women and immigrants to build a model for the companies of the future 

Justin Barocas

CEO ACE + Founding

Partner, Anomaly

Weiden + Kennedy, JWT

Sage Plus is designed in California and built with great love and care in Silicon Valley, Vancouver, Venice, Tokyo, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chandigarh, New York, London, and occasionally from an island in Thailand

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