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PRNewswire: Introducing Sage Plus for Experts

PALO ALTO, Calif., July 15, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Sage Digital today announced Sage Plus for Experts, the first global, AI-driven platform that brings together official accounts of experts, critics, publishers and businesses into a beautiful, curated service that can be used to create direct to consumer channels and apps. Available to Sage Experts Program members for early access at starting today, Sage is a breakthrough product that helps creators do three things—build an online home base, manage existing and new content, and grow reach and monetization—with places, map search, social posts, experiences and products—all in one simple app.

"Sage Plus for Experts is a revolutionary and magical product that ushers in the next generation of technology power, which completely redefines the way the online presence of experts and location businesses will be created," said Samir Arora, Sage's founder and CEO. "Sage was founded to answer the question—why does the internet not offer a simple way to show recommendations by real experts or the authentic experiences and products by the brands we trust and love?"

Masuhiro Yamamoto, one of the leading critics in the world, has been using Sage Plus for Experts to create professional reviews and ratings for places on Sage, to add to his social posts on Facebook, and now on Instagram. Sage Plus powers Yamamto-san's Sage channel—offering a rich experience with minimal technology learning and maintenance—which would not have been possible to do without the Sage Plus platform.

"The immediate reaction by the world's top experts and brands to Sage's technology platform has been overwhelming as a first-of-its-kind service that they have been waiting for," said Peter Leeb, "Creating an authentic connection that consumers want to share is at the heart of the direct-to-consumer movement, Sage Plus for Experts is the first to create a AI-driven visual builder,  integrated with location cloud services technology and smart data that significantly lowers the time, cost and learning to build and maintain DTC channels and apps."

Experts, publishers and business can use Sage Plus for Experts app to claim your profile in three easy steps: find your name, verify your account, and sign-in, or create a new account. Sage Smart Data™ technology uses AI and machine learning to help creators use their current content or build new content from within the Sage app to create and publish their official account in minutes. Sage Plus for Experts offers a visual builder to create reviews, posts, link or upload your content. In addition, experts can curate lists, work with teams, add experiences, books, products and merch to sell online, and create their own channels on Sage. For the most advanced users with very large audiences, Sage offers an easy way to create a mobile app from your Sage channel, bringing unprecedented ease in building your direct brand online.

About Sage Digital The founders and early startup team of Sage has been inventing products that have transformed the lives of 100's of millions of people, including the first app builders on a personal computer at Apple in the 1980's, creating the first graphical website building product NetObjects Fusion in 1995, creating social networks for groups at Ning, as well as consumer discovery and AI products at Netflix, Airbnb, Google and other leading companies.

The initial idea for Sage started in July 2014, following a series of meetings with leading cell phone and map technology companies on using intelligence to re-invent global locations data based on verified, non-fake information.

Since 2016, the Sage team has built the Sage AI platform that powers the Sage Curated Locations Data from verified experts, Sage Cloud Locations Services that provides the premium services and API's, and the Sage Plus for Experts Builder to help create the next generation direct–to–consumer apps. 

Sage is designed to work with partners and brands to provide valuable services and content from verified sources to map platforms, payments systems, travel and transportation services.

Today, Sage is focused on locations in Travel, Destinations, Things to do, Food, Drinks, Shops and Experiences.

Pricing & Availability Sage Plus for Experts preview is available to Sage Experts Program members for early access at starting today in the US and Japan, and additional regions and a public beta program will be available to mobile users later this year. Features are subject to change and some features may not be available in regions or languages.

Learn More About Sage Plus for Experts To learn more about Sage Plus for Experts, please visit

SOURCE Sage Digital

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