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Announcing Sage Digital: A New AI Locations Platform Company

Today, almost two years of building in stealth mode, we are launching a new AI startup that is creating the next–generation global locations platform built on machine learning with data from verified sources.

The initial idea for Sage started in July 2014, inside Information Capital, following a series of meetings with leading cell phone and map technology companies on using intelligence to re-invent global locations data based on verified, non-fake information. Since 2016, the Sage team been developing a ML technology platform that enables exciting new consumers applications for mobile, AI assistants, and car apps.

Also, we are delighted to announce that Crystal Ciancutti has joined Sage as Head of Product. Crystal joins from Airbnb, where she led the search product. Previously she was at Apple where she launched iTunes Movies and also at Netflix where she was responsible for movie-finding on the service—the consumer UI and the algorithms for personalization.

Sage is based in Portola Valley in Silicon Valley with additional team members in Japan, India, and the U.K.

We are under development—if you would like to be added to our waitlist, please visit Sage to sign up

Samir Arora, Founder and CEO


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